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New kpop Community..CODE-V

sorry mods.. not sure if this is allowed >< free to delete if it's not allowed =)

I think most of you by now knows about the new debuted group called Code-V =)

Their debut stage was in Music Bank on 4th June

If you are interested and want to know more about them and get all the updates about Code-V

Join our Code Five community =)


What do you guys think about this community..!!

it's still new and I'm working hard to make it up to date and active as much possible as i can =)

if you think Code Five community is worth your voting..
then plz click on the button bellow to increase this community's ranking ^^

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Thanks for your support =)


Join Code Five community =)


[Sharing] HAM (Heart and Mind) - Girls, Falling in Love

HAM is back with a new single! This one is very different from "T.T. Dance". Looks like they are taking the cute route in the music industry.

This is album comes with 2 songs. A regular version of the song and an acoustic version.

Download the album:
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Hello and welcome

Hey. This is a brand new community that we hope gets the attention it deserves. You can post links to kpop/rock files you have uploaded to your own server or to yousendit.com or to wherever else you can find the space to share. Please remember when posting things to recall if you have permission to do so or not. If you downloaded a certain file off of a message board that asks you to keep things exclusive, please don't go on ahead and post it here. That's not fair to them.

Here are the rules as you see them in the comm's userinfo:

Please note: The mods reserve the right to delete any entries and/or ban the poster of anyone who cannot follow the rules, and without warning or notice if they feel like it.
01.) Let's not fight here. If you don't like something that someone has posted, the way they say things, their opinions, etc., take it onto your personal journals. This isn't the place to prove who knows more about what. If someone attacks you like this, please contact the mods.
02.) No personal entries. Keep everything on-topic please. If it doesn't relate to kpop, krock, your intorduction here or something of that nature, keep it off this community.
03.) Please don't post jpop/rock here. There are communities already made for that type of music, and this isn't one of them. You are welcome to post links to lists of downloads that include jpop/rock, but don't advertise your music journal rotations if they have no Korean music.
04.) Label all posts with [Sharing], [Request], [Question], [Advertisement], or [Rotation]. For more information, check this post.
05.) Tag your entries depending on the post and media type, as well as the artist/group. For an available tag list, check the tags. To request additional tags or help with tags, comment here
06.) Requests are absolutely acceptable. Just don't overdo it. Don't post long lists of artists that you want music of and don't demand that people help you. BEFORE YOU REQUEST, CHECK THE MASTERLIST AND THE TAGS. WHAT YOU WANT MIGHT BE THERE.
07.) If you are going to link to a locked entry, one that people must join your community to see the content of, you must include the full download links in the post you make to this community. If the post will be open for 48 hours+, you can link right to it without including the file here, but you must include "advertisement" in the subject line label.
08.) All entries are friends-locked by default. Do not change this. All entries must be locked.
09.) Other things that we allow and you don't have to ask about: Korean movies, dramas and variety shows, fan videos and tributes (as long as you made them/have permission to share them), Krock, advertisements (as long as the communities are somehow related to kpop).
10.) Please support the artists you see here by buying their albums. Try YesAsia or DVDHeaven.
8.) While we won't ban you for not posting anything, it would be great if you could.
9.) Need to advertise your own LJ comm or fanlisting or message board or what have you? Go ahead, but don't abuse this privilage.
10.) Please support the artists you see here by buying their albums.

Please pimp the comm out wherever you can and lets get this thing started!